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Thunder Digital Media – Welcome to the Universe of Imagination.


Thunder Digital Media is a fully integrated media company built for the modern media world, unshackled from the legacy impediments impacting the traditional media businesses. Thunder is the nexus of empowerment through which audiences connect with content creators, brands and partners to create and view engaging and rewarding content.
Thunder Digital Media – A Modern Media Company using Modern Technology to connect creators and brands with known audiences. Thunder Digital Media operates five Business verticals which all interrelate; Thunder Studios, Thunder Productions, Thunder Music Group, ThunderTV and Thunder Gaming.

Leveraging ownership of Thunder Studios, our 150,000 square foot production facility in Long Beach California with 20 stages on six acres full of production equipment, Thunder partners with creators to build a World of Imagination!
Launched in July 2015, ThunderTV is our Multi Channel Network. ThunderTV evolves the MCN business model by providing significantly greater resources, tools and opportunities to its content creators. Through our mantra, “We Invest in You” Thunder Digital Media invests in content creators by providing a physical home that can be used to create, collaborate, plan and execute their productions at our new 20,000 square foot Club Thunder facility at Thunder Studios. Partners of ThunderTV have access to all tools they need to make better content, collaborate with other creators, and monetize their content more broadly. These tools include our training courses, stages, physical and virtual sets, props, cameras and production equipment, online tools and resources, collaboration tools, and access to our Production and Brand partners whom work closely with ThunderTV for content investment, branded integration and brand advertising. ThunderTV has five primary content verticals, Music, Gaming, Comedy, Lifestyle and Sports.

Thunder Gaming is the latest initiative of Thunder Digital Media which is anticipated to launch in October 2015 after completion of our new 10,000 square foot live broadcast gaming stage – ThunderDome and our 7,000 square foot Virtual Reality Stage. Thunder Gaming will host daily live stream broadcast gaming and VR tournaments for global distribution.



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Thunder Studios – Showcase Reel from Bindana Productions on Vimeo.